Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Royal scandal!

For the second time this month a member of the Royal family has been caught out in a state of undress and causing "embarrassment" to the Queen and the Royal family.

Personally I think it says more about today's culture than the Royal family. Take for example let's look at what happened to the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate was on holiday in a hot country and wanted an even tan so she did what millions of women have done and took her bikini top off. The Royal couple were in a private compound as well so hardly in Public.

Now, how is that a Scandal? The biggest scandal for me is that a member of the paparazzi got close enough with a camera to take the picture. If you're within Camera range you're within rifle range and the country could be mourning the loss of the second heir and his wife. Someone should be looking at that.

Further to this is that the photographs would not have been taken if there wasn't a demand within the Public domain. Why though? Will your life be really that enriched for seeing her topless? The same goes for any Hollywood or z-list reality "star" romping around naked?
I know the teenage boy in me is screaming at me but sorry little dude I grew up and so should society really. By even paying these pictures any attention we're encouraging mercenary photographers to be unscrupulous and invade people's privacy. Would you like someone to photograph you on holiday or publish naked pictures of your wife for the whole world to see?

I hate to reinvoke the ghost of Princess Diana but it seems as if a repentant media learned nothing. The woman's privacy was invaded at every turn completely unsolicited and now history is repeating itself and not just with Kate but with her sister Pippa. Let us be honest Pippa is a very attractive woman but she isn't a royal, nor a celebrity, just a normal human being so why hound her?

As for Prince Harry; he's what? 27 years old, single and free. Why can't he go on a lads holiday to Vegas, get a little sloshed and misbehave? I'd say that I disapprove of such behaviour but I'm only jealous!

Compared to some of his ancestors Harry is a saint. The Prince Regent's behaviour is well documented, one of Victoria's sons (I forget which one) is implicated as Jack the Ripper by some theorists (he wasn't), Edward VIII is accused of sympathy with Hitler etc...

My point being, this is nothing, nothing but an attack on a young married couple's privacy and when or if you see the pictures I hope a small amount of guilt will nag at you for being curious enough to look.

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