Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nick Clegg stands up for common sense for Chatham

Yes that's right.

Nick Clegg is fighting for common sense in Chatham and many places like it by standing against Boundary reforms.

How can Chatham railway station not be in Chatham & Aylesford constituency?

How can Luton & Wayfield, in the heartland of Chatham be part of Gillingham & Rainham?

These arbitrary moves have been carried out without many people being consulted based on current population size.

On the up side, it cuts some 60 odd MPs from Parliament and mean each MP is equal meaning in net terms each voter is now equal.

But the price is splitting up communities just to make up the numbers, it is like creative accountancy that by estimates will leave David Cameron's Conservatives twenty seats better off. How is that fair?

Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have seen this arbitrary carve up and its effect on Communities and ---

Sorry as much as I want to continue in this vein I cannot. Although the arbitrary splitting of communities is an excellent argument against reform the main reason for Libdem opposition is in retaliation for the Tory rebellion against Lords reform.

OK, Lords reform doesn't seem like an essential reform but neither is boundary reform. Both are in the name of change, change that is supposed to make Britain fairer. Lords reform has and will be exceptionally important to us, it's something the Conservatives (and World War One) stopped us last time and now a handful of Tory rebels have blocked one of our key policies, one of the key agreements in the Coalition negotiations.

So maybe Clegg and the party are arguably being childish but they're also standing up for places like Chatham and surely that is worth at least a "thanks"?

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