Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Solution to the Nick Clegg problem

After last night's Libdem exec meeting myself and Ed Jennings retired to a Top Secret facility to discuss party matters, both local and National.

Ok, we were sitting in his car opposite my house but we were discussing Politics - and in doing so we hit upon the solution of the "Clegg leadership dilemma."

You see, although both of us respect Nick and acknowledge all of the hard work he has done we also both acknowledge that his leadership in 2015 could well be deadly to the party - which means new leadership before then. Any new leader would have to be free of the Coalition "taint" but to drop them into the saddle in 2014 will not give them time to get themselves into order before the big election of 2015.

That's when Ed hit upon the solution. Who is a well respected Libdem? Who has leadership experience? Who could lead us into a successful election that wouldn't see us obliterated?

Doctor Vince.

Despite his role in the Coalition, Vince remains popular with in the party and with the voters - even with the other parties. He's a stalwart and hard working. Definitely the man to stop and reverse the rot.

The problem is, that even though he would be a great leader in the long term, he doesn't appear to be the sort of leader that will win elections. For some reason elder statesmen like Cable, Campbell, Brown or Major are out and Blair, Cameron and Clegg are in.

So unfortunately after 2015- 17 unfortunately, after a leadership marked by a stunning recovery of fortunes, Doctor Vince would stand down and make way for a new leader to rebuild the party, redefine us and prepare us for 2020 and possibly prepare us for any future Coalition politics or dare I say it? A future opposition party.

Currently our suggestions are David Lawes, who despite the expenses problem, remains a firm party favourite and well respected Liberal thinker and politician. The other is the energetic and popular party president Tim Farron who has fought the corner of the membership and stood his ground against the Whips and followed his conscience. Either way, it's a tough call that members will need to make later.

This is, of course a suggested course of action/ prediction but whomever you'd choose as Party leader after Vince you have to admit; He's the guy for the job in 2014.

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