Thursday, 12 July 2012

Councillor Stamp to appologise to Libdems

This is almost a Ronseal style blog post.
Guilty: Andy Stamp

Following on from the nastiness that occurred back in 2010 which saw the then Libdem Cllr Stamp (former PPC) turn on his ward mates Cllrs Cathy Sutton and Maureen Ruparel and accuse former Libdem Councillor and local agent Alan Jefferies of harassment. (even more here)

Alan Jefferies then reported Cllr Stamp for harassment towards Cathy and Maureen.

He has been found guilty according to the Standard's agency review.

As I understand it two letters of apology have been drafted by the Council's Legal officer for dispatch to Maureen and Cathy but the weird thing is Cllr Stamp doesn't need to sign them and there is no way to make him! This seems a bit like someone apologising for their mate stealing your car.

The next tier is that he is to be reprimanded at the next Full Council meeting - yet again the Legal officer is having issues with this as it has never been done before!

It all seems like a paper tiger with no teeth to me. If you have been caught doing something wrong (whatever your party) you should be reprimanded. Why have these punishments in place if you cannot or will not carry them out?

I guess the main thing now is that the whole bloody thing is over. We can bury the hatchet (or try to) and get on with things and not dwell on this whole ugly episode. We just want to move on, can we just draw a line under it all now?

Here's the KM's article on it.

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