Thursday, 26 July 2012

George Osborne out; Vince Cable in?

So the original call for the removal of George Osborne has become a clamour.

I'm not an economist and a lot of the information and stands washed over me, I'm also not about to score political points for my party by touting our virtues and saying that;

Doctor Vince was right and he should be made Chancellor.

It is not my style and I don't think that is what Politics is about.

I was thinking about the drop in GDP and the failure of plan A and wondered what my heroes would do about it.

Then as the thought of Darth Vader muttering Apology accepted as he force choked Mr Osborne sailed through my mind I decided that a more practical solution was needed.

I understand David Cameron's backing of the Chancellor and his faith that things will turn around but things are mounting up and I shudder to say this... maybe Ed Balls was right.

Despite Government cuts - and lets face it the previous Government were pouring money down the drain on a lot of pointless crap that needed jettisoning, i.e. as nice as it is for every child born to get a government grant it was an overly expensive move that we all survived without before and will do now, or those damn costly ID cards... the economy isn't recovering as it should.

The list of excuses like the weather, the Royal wedding, the Jubilee, the Tsunami, Clegg stole my biscuits... just aren't cutting the mustard for a lot of people. Action needs to be taken and the Prime Minister has to act for the benefit of everyone.

If George Osborne was to take all the plaudits for success so must he take the blame for failure.

The future's bright... the future's Yellow

With two years to go and with so much riding on economic recovery surely a new team or chancellor should be appointed?

Go on Dave, be selfish, don't just do it for the economy, the people and the nation but do it for your party - after all if you want to be reelected in 2015 you'll need to show the nation that you guys got it right. After all the Conservatives are the party for good economic management right?

So who to chose? Well... I'd suggest Vince Cable - he's an economist, he knows what he's talking about and could really make a difference. Though it doesn't matter what I, any Libdem or even the Daily Mirror thinks because Dr Vince won't get the job. Despite Coalition niceties there is no way that the Conservative backbenchers will sit still whilst a great and well respected position gets given to a Libdem and not one of their own. It is a sad state of affairs but it is probably the truth.

There are other good choices within the Conservative party and others who are well placed to take the position or to bring fresh ideas to the table but will they get their chance?

It isn't to late to change things or for the economy to move up a notch just now is the time before its too late. With Germany set to lose its AAA status and the rest of Europe's economies hemorrhaging money it is only going to get worse.


  1. The problem with Plan A is that it hasn't really happened yet. Government spending has only fallen by a couple of percent and at the same time taxes have gone up.

    David Laws would be an option if he wasn't disgraced... I'd happily back a Plan C under Laws of further, faster cuts and a stimulus which together could give heavy tax cuts to the squeezed middle.

  2. Surely you have to be honest to yourself and admit that it was the Liberal Democrats who enabled the Tories to get us in to this unmitigated disaster of lower tax receipts, high unemployment, dwindling GDP, higher borrowing, desolate high streets and reduced demand across manufacturing, house building and all the rest of it? Your Party gave legitimacy to a Party that did not win a majority, yet your Party allowed them to deliver their economic policies in exchange for tit bits that - by and large - were not delivered. I'm afraid that even though I like Cable, he is as guilty as Clegg and the rest of the Lib Dems for allowing this (essentially unelected minority) administration to make a bad situation incalculably worse. The only piece of the pie that I think you should be proud of is raising the tax free allowance. But that has come at at too high a price for the British people.