Saturday, 7 July 2012

Please support Lords reform.

An elected body would be suited for all
Back in May I wrote about the timing of the Lords reform and questioned whether now is the right time?

Then on Wednesday I got chatting to Ed who raised the following point;

When is a good time? There will always be something that is arguably more important than constitutional reform.

Its true. Our political system, financial structures and society are all broken in one way or another. It would be too simplistic to blame the last Labour government, the problem is too systematic and embedded in years of neglect or poor policy.

The Coalition was founded on a need for change and for bringing the Country up to date. Part of that is the change in the House of Lords.

It would be easy to say this is a Liberal Democrat obsession and vanity project but that is just not so. After all greater democracy and freedom is or should be the aim of all the parties. The House of Lords, an unelected body is still a throw back to Yesteryear, it is also seen as a retirement hall for Prime Minister's favourite lackeys such as Oona King who has been risen to the Peerage in 2011 having only been in Parliament for 1997-2005.
There's also Anglican bishops in the House ruling on Parliamentary laws etc that effect people of many religions. Back in the 17th-18th Centuries there was only Protestantism in this country but in a land with a growing multi-cultural society is it fair that the Anglicans can pass a law that could offend Muslims without their Holy men being given a say?

By voting for Nick Clegg's proposals it will be making the whole House of Lords accountable to the voters and the people of the UK. How can this be a bad thing?

An upper House is necessary to act as a brake on the law making system but an elected one would be more preferable. After all it works in Canada, America, Germany... Why are we still holding onto this Medieval hangover?

Surely more democracy is a good thing?

As for the time argument... There is a lot that the Coalition needs to do, and with so many things to change or bring into play and it is going to take years to do. We can push this through and change it with in a few years with massive dividends. With more democracy and more say it could encourage more people to vote as their say is being taken into account rather than having an unelected Second house that gets to doctor and scrutinise the elected body's work.

If this move is not supported now, it may never occur again in our lifetimes. We've already waited the best part of a Century for this and lets be honest... there won't be a Liberal Democrat Government for many years to come and the other two parties like the Status quo on this.

More democracy and freedom is undeniably a good thing. If you feel as strongly as I do then please Tell your MP how you feel. It will only take a couple of minutes but could be the most important thing you ever do. I've contacted Rehman Chishti, my MP, I'm not holding my breath but it is the least I can do.

Change is good in this case and the time is now or it may never happen again.

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