Friday, 13 July 2012

Petition against Boris Island

We must fight Boris island Together
Two articles caught my eye on Boris Island and the Estuary airport in the last week. The first was a letter from Medway to David Cameron wanting an answer sooner rather than later on the Consultation by local reporter Alan McGuinness.

The Second was on Libdemvoice by the Secretary of the Medway Libderal Democrats… Oh wait, that’s me. Sorry, I know it is a shameless plug but if you don’t want to read it I’ll give you the general gist.

Basically having read this and the line;

Send Cameron and Clegg a message that no means no.

Well considering the Liberal Democrats, Clegg and Dr Julian Huppert MP have been vocal in our stand against it I felt it was somewhat unfair of Cllr Osborne to lump us in with the Tories on this one. However I urged the party and Nick to be even more vocal and to take a stand on this.

Then in the comments a fellow Libdem from Southend posted this link to a petition against Boris Island.

I’ve signed it and now I’m inviting all my readers from Medway who are opposed to the project to do the same thing.

There comes a time when we’ve all got to put down our Political affiliation and colours for the bigger picture and for the people we represent. Its easy for us to sit in our different coloured groups of Red, Blue, Gold and Green and be distrustful of the others or not want to link our names or party to another’s initiative but this is one of the rare issues that transcends all of this.

Should this airport be built then we will all suffer, either we stand together or we fall.

So please – please sign the petition.